Principal's Message


Dear Readers,

It is yet another year gone by and I am here to interact with you all via this column. The yester year had been a year full of blessings and achievements for Jodhamal Public School. This year God bestowed his choicest blessings on us and we emerged out the No. 1 Rank among schools of Jammu & Kashmir. We were also placed among the best 100 schools all over India by the Education World Magazine. We were put among the Best Schools of India by the Digital Magazine too for 2015-16. This year brought the highest honour to our school by being awarded 6 Star Gold Rating for Jodhamal Public School by the World Renowned Accreditation Agency World Education Foundation U K.

This year also saw us having two teaching assistants from U K coming and teaching at Jodhamal. Laurene Bridgeman &Rebekkah Jerrum had a wonderful time at Jodhamal and a lot of cultural and educational exchange took place. Our students had done wonderfully well with the Quizzes this year and where ever they participated made their presence felt and came out with the Trophy from all over. Debating again was something which our kids did not let go and they did not leave any stone unturned in getting all trophies to the school.

Super positivity was the mantra for our 2015-16 and in our endeavour we had created a World Record in our MPH where Mr. Vickrant Mahajan had signed maximum no. of books to create the GunniesWorld Record.

Our main focus at Jodhamal is to create a Global Citizen out of every child which walks through the portals of Jodhamal and hence we started Tony Blair’s Faith Foundation the ‘Face to Faith’ at Jodhamal where our students interacted with students from all over the globe via Video Conferencing.Our school students did so well in the very first year that our school was awarded with the Gold Award by Tony Blair Foundation.

We are giving the exposure of a different kind altogether to the students and parents at Jodhamal that we not only conduct the sessions for students but we do organize the parental sessions on a better parenting and also how to deal with your child without giving the child any stress and imposing any expectations. We also conduct the career Counseling Sessions for parents and Students both.

According to me the Education in India still revolves around the marks or the Grades but now it is the high time when parents need to understand their children’s interests and give wings to them in what makes them happy. We need to be unconventional with each passing day, today so many unconventional opportunities are awaiting our kids but we are stuck to the same Engineering or Medical or CA or IAS etc. I wish here at Jodhamal the parents do not see what and how much course is completed but they must see how much my child can comprehend and how much happy my child feels coming to the school. What extra is the school offering than the academics has become the yard stick to measure a school’s strength today? I am sure with the help of the wonderful team of teachers here at Jodhamal, I can take the school to a different level with parental collaborations. I am ever so thankful to our trustees Mr. NandanKuthiala& Mrs. AratiKuthiala for their unflinching support at all times and for providing me a free hand to deal with the school, staff & students. I am also thankful to my Vice Principal & Administrative Officer for being my left and right hands in making Jodhamal the first choice of all parents seeking admissions for their kids. How can I undermine the contribution of my teaching staff and also the support staff in making our journey such a wonderful one as you all visualize today. We are super positive that if we work with full dedication and with a futuristic vision there is nothing which can stop us from growing strength by strength with each passing year. To our parents a word of advice please do not look at the marks or the grades of your child and never ever compare your child with anyone since God has gifted you with the most wonderful child who is unique in her/his own way. Just rejoice being parents and please give your names to respective coordinators as to how can you collaborate in our teaching learning process with your experiences so that we can invite you for some session on some day as per your convenience and get our students get the benefit of your being a part of Jodhamal Family.

At the end, I would conclude my message by quoting Swami Vivekananda:-

“Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success”

“With warm wishes and God’s Blessings”


With warm regards
Trilok Singh Bist


"Old order Chang eth Yielding Place to New"

It is very well said that change is the only permanent thing in this world. Old goes to give way to new to spread its wings to reach the sky.

I am taking over the reins of Jodhamal Public School with a very optimistic attitude, as the infancy period of the school is over which is always a difficult time for any new institution, now it’s time for the Take Off!!!Equipped with 23 years of experience in Education Field, I am all set to take JMPS to newer heights with the rich experience from Scholars Home Sr. Sec. School, Dehradun as Coordinator, Doon International School, Palia as Principal and Unison World School, Dehradun as Dean of Activities.

Today there is a one hundred eighty degree change in the education system, we need to be empathetic and compassionate yet provide an environment and curriculum where the child can explore and develop every facet of him/her to realize their true potential. Now the traditional parameters have become obsolete; now a techno savvy state-of-art school building,thoroughly trained and competent facultya plethora of activities for students to be engaged in are imperative. These are vital to provide an environment that’s both therapeutic and beautiful.

We at JMPS have a very dedicated and capable team of teachers to ensure the all round development of each child entering the thresholds of JMPS and the whole team is motivated & trained for excellence in various areas through in service trainings and workshops conducted at JMPS .It is an honour and privilege to be the Principal of JMPS, Jammu, the school that stands for excellence and continuously sets the highest standards. With the help of my wonderful team I am sure to fulfil these targets in unison and live upto the expectation of the Management and Parents/Guardians.

JMPS is going to be the unique institution where we will hone the academic skills, fine tune the aesthetic senses and work towards building a holistic culture that values each student recognising their unique innate potential.

Education is a creative partnership between Parents, teachers & students in an amicable atmosphere where each one is concerned of the well- being of the taught with joy and discipline.It is very true that it is very challenging task but yet a highly rewarding one as well.
Teaching format has changed with the implementation of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) to the advantage of the children. With this I hope that we shall be able toproduce extra-ordinarily active and efficient Global Citizens with clear perception to make their country feel proud of each one of them.

I have an idealistic and passionate view of education. I want, what all parents and students would have wanted i.e. they should be inspired, motivated and appreciated in an environment which is stimulating and exciting, happy and safe…..

I assure all the parents and guardians that they will find their children growing in the mostinvigorating environment and yet closely connected with the rich culture and values that form the backbone of every Indian’s existence. 
However, all are always welcome to come to me with constructive suggestions or any issues for the betterment of JMPS, as I will always be available for my staff, students and all parents.

With warm regards
Trilok Singh Bist